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Ester Lipscomb is a studio potter working in northeast Georgia. She took her first pottery class in 1998 at University of North Georgia and graduated with a degree in Art Education in 1999. Ester taught art for two years before hitting the road, living (and studying pottery when possible) in New York, Colorado, Japan, California and India. She returned to the North Georgia Mountains in 2008 and became an Artist in Residence at The Funky Chicken Art Project outside Dahlonega, Georgia. In 2012 she moved to Rabun county, where she lives with her husband and son and their dog, Loretta Lynn. Ester works in a timber frame studio at their mountain home, lovingly built for her by husband Carlton Wheatley. The studio is open by appointment only. She is a Resident Potter at Mark of the Potter in Clarkesville, Georgia and in addition does shows and festivals in the Southeast.

Artist Statement
From the day we did Raku during my first pottery class in college, I was hooked. There is always something new to learn in pottery, and I love having a medium with so much to explore technically and artistically. I find a great balance in splitting my time between Raku and the production of functional pottery. These two very different work flows inspire and feed each other. Creativity comes from my appreciation of the world around me. Living in these beautiful mountains gives me the opportunity to enjoy the daily flow of nature and the seasons. Seeing how time acts on the landscape around me, I am inspired to create objects that I hope are part of that landscape. When I make even the humblest object, I aspire to the wabi-sabi ideal of connecting people to their world by surrounding them with unique, imperfect beauty.